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Let’s Roar For #CeciltheLion


For years, Cecil the Lion was the face of Hwange National Park. Part of Oxford University’s Wildlife Conservation Research Unit’s  study on African lions, Cecil was GPS-chipped and featured on their website along with the rest of his pride. The 13-year-old, black-maned lion was not only a key element in WCRU’s research, but loved by many around the world and a favorite on safari tours.

On July 6, Cecil was found dead after being lured outside the Hwange National Park by hunting guides paid by Walter Palmer, an American “trophy” hunter who had been cited in the past for illegal hunting. Palmer paid $55,000 to arrange the “hunt”, which involved his guides tying a dead goat to the back of a truck to lure Cecil into an unprotected area, spotlighting the lion so he couldn’t see his “hunters,” and then ineptly shooting (but not killing) the lion. After being…

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