Monthly Archives: September 2013

Self Service

Choosing service is a wonderful thing.  When you choose to devote your life to others – whether you are a soldier, a teacher, a police officer, an emergency services worker, a minister, or one of the thousands of other workers who help others on a daily basis – you’re doing something admirable.  Your work helps others and that is to be truly commended.  Devoting your talents to others through your career or volunteer work is rewarding and kind-hearted.  But it is a choice.

And, since you did choose it, you shouldn’t expect any rewards beyond your pay and the satisfaction you get from doing good.  Threatening and extorting companies for prizes because you “deserve them” undermines not only your service, but the service of others in your field.  Constantly asking that you be given preferential treatment because “you gave” is not only unrealistic, but it’s just plain tacky.

Basically, what you’re saying is that you have more rights than others and that you matter more.  That’s exactly the opposite of service.  If your attitude is that you’re serving to get something, maybe you should rethink your path.  That’s not what service is about.

That service is the noblest which is rendered for its own sake.” – Mahatma Gandhi