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No Cookies for You!

complicatedMaybe no one ever told you this, but life is hard.  And, let’s face it, for some people it’s much harder than it is for others.  This is because in addition to life being hard, it’s also unfair.  That being said, I like life.  I like it a lot and I certainly wouldn’t trade it for the alternative. I’m the first person to say you should go for it – even if there’s not much of a chance because hey, life is short (in addition to being hard and unfair) so why shouldn’t you take every opportunity?  But that doesn’t mean that you should be praised for your failures.  For your bravery, yes. For your perseverance, yes. For your incompetence, not so much.

The thing is that there’s a huge difference between being the little engine that could and half-assing your way through life.  Taking on something beyond your current skill set and pushing yourself to achieve is admirable.  Barely doing something and then looking for a cookie isn’t.  You don’t deserve to be praised for messing up something multiple times and then finally getting it right.  This is especially true if the only reason you didn’t get it right the other times was inattention or general laziness.  Most times in life there are no prizes for second place (although maybe there should be.  See the life is hard and unfair disclaimer.)  So, there definitely isn’t a prize for fortieth place.  Do it right the first time and if you can’t (because no one’s perfect), then do it right the second time.  Doing it adequately the fourth time is going to get you a “thanks” from me (because I’m Southern and I’m trained to say thanks even if you let the door fall on face, but then look back with a half-hearted “Sorry.”)  But, don’t expect much else.

You should value excellence not for praise, but because it says something about who you are.  What you give of yourself to the world defines the kind of person you are and who you want to be.  After all, it’s actions (not intentions) that define you to most people.  They can’t see inside your heart, but they can see what you do even if you’re tired, disappointed in humanity, and would really rather be doing something else somewhere else.  Consider it your random act of kindness for the day.  Do your best at whatever you do.   Do it for yourself.  Anything that’s worthwhile is worth doing well and if what you’re doing isn’t worthwhile to you, maybe you should consider doing something else.


Hope Floats and So Do These Mice

Mouse 1My house is filled with cats and consequently with cat toys.  They don’t last long – the toys, not the cats.  Cats are not kind to little bits of felt and twine.  They tend to end up as non-descript lumps of felt ears and poly-stuffing peppered with catnip that I find hurled down the stairs or in a water bowl.  I’ve never heard that cats enjoy drowning their prey.  I’ve never found a squirrel in a bird bath (unless he was there to enjoy the view) or in a water dish outside, but my indoor cats like to see if things float.  Usually, the answer is no.  That’s not the case with Llama Llama Shop’s yarn mice.  Not only do they float (at least for long enough for them to be “rescued” and dried out) but they’re also durable, washable, and my cats prefer them over scrunchies and pen caps.  That’s hard competition for any cat toy.

The many virtues of these sturdy knitted wonders include:

  • HIGHLY durable – They can survive a dunk in a water bowl, multiple sweepings down the stairs and occasionally out the door, and washings without losing their color and shape.
  • Washable on gentle cycle  – See above.  They could really use a good wash after I’ve swept them into the yard.
  • A fringed tail for easy portability – This makes them much easier for cats to carry and dip into water bowls.
  • No eyes (from which to accuse me guiltily from the water bowl or end up torn off and stuck to the carpet)
  • Many colors – This makes them adorable and easy to find in the house (and the yard).
  • Not spiky when stepped on in the night – Any pet owner knows this is a HUGE virtue.
  • Not painful when dropped on your face at 3 a.m. (See above.)
  • Fully Office Cat endorsed as you can see from the photo.

And if all of that wasn’t enough of an incentive, all product sales will be donated to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  All.  Seriously.  How can you not buy these mice?  And, if mice aren’t your cup of tea (or bowl of water as it were,) Llama Llama also offers a variety of knitted toys that range from adorable to too cute to put down ever.

If you’re in the market for some knittable goodness or you know someone who is, I hope you’ll spread the word.  Llama Llama seriously rocks.